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Plumbing Tips and Advice

Important Tips for Hiring a Plumber

When owning a home, at some point a professional plumber will need to be hired. Depending on the problem, a service call can be expensive. Of course, the main focus is on hiring someone with the right qualifications, but it is also important to find a plumber who...

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Understanding a Drain Waste Vent System

In more modern residential and commercial properties, a drain waste vent, also referred to as a DWV, is a part of the system responsible for eliminating sewage and gray water from a building. In addition, this type of system helps regulate air pressure within pipes to...

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Help in Finding the Perfect Kitchen Sink

Because there are now so many options now compared to 15 or 20 years ago, when purchasing a new kitchen sink it is important to consider not only appearance, but also measurements, durability, and mechanics. A wider range of options also means varying prices. Although...

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